Sunday, April 13, 2008

Free Article Gets 1000+ Hits Daily

In trying to make the most of this influx of revenue sharing opportunities all over the web, the question I am asked the most is: "how did you know what to write about?"

The short answer is, I needed money for my research and I am passionate about my cause. So I read other people's posts about making cash, joined sites that were going to share some of their cash with me, then I wrote about how I made it when I started getting it. Everyone wants to know about your money, online or off. Mind you, there are certain topics I really love to write about and would prefer to do it more, but they don't all convert to funds. Getting 1000 or more page views per day isn't hard if you have something simple that people can use right now, today.

Everyone wants the 'how-to', so give it to them, free.

Don't keep it to yourself whatever you do. This is precisely what everyone is searching for and if you keep it to yourself the money will run out very soon. You've heard the expression 'what goes around , comes around' well it's true! We used to offer e-books, and although there are some great e-books around, nobody seems to want them anymore, free or not. There is no point putting everything you know about making money in your book and trying to sell it for $5 online, when the blog waing in the search box next is posting it right there for the world to see. He's not selling it, but he just got a page view, maybe an ad was clicked, and someone told 5 friends where to go and see it too. Most people will see an informative page and begin reading, then it drags on for so long they scroll to the bottom. As soon as they see the Credit Card links the y will X the page off immediatley.

Free really does pay.

When writing articles.blogs and poems for money, not only must you use simple keywords, but you should also make sure to implement those words carefully throught your article. The number of times one can use the same word repeatedly looks very boring and makes your article dull. Conduct your keyword search by going to google and searching for a keyword tool. If you don't have a paid version there are many freebies out there easy enough to find.

When looking for the appropriate keywords for your article, you will need to use synonyms to eliminate the bore factor. Case in point: the word can be used quite frequently since people who are wanting it won't notice it peppered all over your page if they expect you're going to show them how to get some. However, using related words and phrases will disguise this while allowing you to still make your point.Those of us who are statstically inclined will tell you that 1.5 is the optimum useage for these words throughout your article.

I am not one of those people, I just keep doing what works - another old expression 'if it aint broke, don't try and fix it'.
by: Kerry Mulherin

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